Monday, 30 May 2011

My fascination with anatomy

I've realized throughout the course of anatomy that really fascinatesme. And I say this because I have striven to learn more and more,and good so far I've been relating to different subjects. For this reason I have been delighted this matter, which, however, find itabsurd to memorize names and names without meaning.
But what I think is important for me, this stuff really significant to me, and the main reason is because one of the things I would like to dedicate is surgery.
And that really catches my attention, and that that expertise is based purely on practical knowledge.
Another important reason that causes the taste for anatomy, is that I understood the operation of the animal, and so I'm amazed bysome very simple yet so complex that makes me restless and fullof doubts.
The important thing is to be supplemented anatomy with differentmaterials to integrate and understand, to my understanding, if notcarried to market in this way purely theoretical knowledge iscreated and the dead.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

My dear friend

His name is jonathan louis saint, was born in Cap Haitien, Haiti.veterinary study
in the agricultural university of Havana, Cuba.
Also he did a master's degree in food technology at the Universityof Santiago.
Currently, he is manager of quality control of milk in the companySoprole.
basic is my friend, actually one of my mentors has decided tobecome a veterinarian.
I admire him because he has broken down many barriers to getwhere this ahora.First had to leave home
in Haiti to study at Cuba.A this we must add the high and thetremendous economic
signic effort haiti.Pero study for someone not to be an impedimentleads me to be the
valedictorian of her generation, with outstanding grades. As always help motivation
his family.
Also, is remarkable, not only conforms to this. Apply for a scholarship that gave
the Cuban university to study in Chile.Postulated 300 peopleand only selected
5 outstanding students, and among them,.
Although, I think, first of all a very good person. It truly humble
and not lose the notion that a people but among all, as all.
It is indeed a very human, very attached to their beliefs and so farhas struggled
his family and has brought forward.
It is one of the people who not only by coincidence I met her, the truth is that I found
the profession who really had to go.

my dear friend

His name is jonathan louis saint, was born in Cap Haitien, Haiti.veterinary study in the agricultural university of Havana, Cuba. Also he did a master's degree in food technology at the University of Santiago. Currently, he is manager of quality control of milk in the company Soprole. basic is my friend, actually one of my mentors has decided to become a veterinarian. I admire him because he has broken down many barriers to get where this ahora.First had to leave home in Haiti to study at Cuba.A this we must add the high and the tremendous economic signic effort haiti.Pero study for someone not to be an impediment leads me to be the valedictorian of her generation, with outstanding grades. As always help motivation his family. Also, is remarkable, not only conforms to this. Apply for a scholarship that gave the Cuban university to study in Chile. Postulated 300 people and only selected 5 outstanding students, and among them,. Although, I think, first of all a very good person. It truly humble and not lose the notion that a people but among all, as all. It is indeed a very human, very attached to their beliefs and so far has struggled his family and has brought forward. It is one of the people who not only by coincidence I met her, the truth is that I found the profession who really had to go. 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hello. I decided to study veterinary medicine between others career such as medicine, engineering because this career is very especial. Is more than a carrer. is a style life, is nature for own lifes. In my view, for us lovers of th animals and nature, is the way to find own true mission in this life.
My most important opinion is we have get together  for maintened  the diversity animal, the welfare animal.
We have get together for maintence the health own pet. Furthermore, this pet they give us happines, in resume the give us welfare ourselves.
I think studying veterinary medicine i can share the passion for animals,  can use the science  to deliver happiness at all my environment .
In addition, since small had  taste by biology, tha nature. I liked hiking near the beach, mountain, the country side.To resume I've always'll be pleased stay very near the nature, glimpse the wonders in own around us.

Now, the election fo the university consisted  basically by the prestige of the university of chile. While this university   does not have facilities for learning my conviction is more stonger than the difficulties

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hello I`am Rodrigo Leandro, i am student of veterinary medicine. I think than this blog is very important for learning english, furthermore we can practice reading about topic such as animals domestics, dates interesting in the career.
The most important of this acitivity is interaction with other persons; share experience in this career, share experience about care of our pets. This activity is a special opportunity for let us know,share our expectatives in the future world professional.
 I  completely agree than this very pleasent, i will feel very satisfied  deliver my experiences